IAEE Energy Forum President`s Message on IAEE Activities and Energy Security | Dear Fellow Members:
In early September the 15th IAEE European
Conference 2017 took place in Vienna with
the theme “Heading towards sustainable energy
systems: evolution of revolution?”. I thank
all those who were involved in the organization
of the event, the host institutions (Technische
Universität Wien… and all our members that participated and gave life to this successful
event. The themes discussed were diverse as are the interests of our community that
come from more than 90 countries and we enjoyed the participation of a large number
of enthusiastic students who made great contributions in the poster and concurrent
sessions, giving us fantastic prospects for the future of IAEE.
For the coming years there is a lot more to come, and I invite you to navigate through
and to contribute with your scientific and policy-oriented research to our three lead-
ing publications… Also, I encourage you to save the date for upcoming events,
including the following: • 35th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference “Riding the Energy Cycles”, No-
vember 12-16, 2017, USAEE, Houston – Texas – USA.
• 41st IAEE International Conference “Security of Supply, Sustainability and Af-
fordability: Assessing the Trade-offs of Energy Policy”, June 10-13, 2018, BAEE/
IAEE, Groningen – The Netherlands… 40 years have passed since this wonderful organization was founded by a group of
visionaries in Washington, Boston, and Cambridge (UK). When we look back in time at
the beginning of our association, the issue of energy security was at the heart of the
energy agenda and discussion, and was a cornerstone theme in IAEE that received a lot of attention from governments, industry, civil society, academia, and the international community. t was no coincidence that IAEE was born after the oil embargo in the early 1970s, and just before the Iranian revolution…

IAEE Energy Forum President`s Message on IAEE Activities and Energy Security


Ricardo Raineri Bernain